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Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Track 1: Signal analysis and processing 信号分析与处理
Adaptive Filtering & Signal Processing 自适应滤波与信号处理
Analog and Mixed Signal Processing 模拟和混合信号处理
Applications of Signal Processing 信号处理的应用
Array Signal Processing 阵列信号处理
Audio and Electroacoustics 音频和电声
Audio/Speech Processing and Coding 音频/语音处理和编码
Bioimaging and Signal Processing 生物成像和信号处理
Biosignal Processing & Understanding 生物信号处理与理解
Design and Implementation of Signal Processing Systems 信号处理系统的设计与实现
Digital Signal Processing 数字信号处理
Hardware Implementation for Signal Processing 信号处理的硬件实现
Higher Order Spectral Analysis 高阶光谱分析
Radar Signal Processing 雷达信号处理
Signal Processing for Communications 通信信号处理
Signal Processing for Security 安全信号处理
Signal Processing Theory and Methods 信号处理理论与方法
Sonar Signal Processing and Localization 声纳信号处理与定位
Speech and Audio Coding 语音和音频编码
Speech Processing 语音处理
Speech Synthesis & Recognition 语音合成与识别
Spoken Language Processing 口语处理
Statistical Signal Processing 统计信号处理
TF Spectrum Analysis & Wavelet TF频谱分析和小波
Time-Frequency/Time-Scale Analysis 时频/时标分析

Track 2: Image processing technology and methods 图像处理技术及方法
Biometrics & Authentification 生物识别与认证
Image and Multidimensional Signal Processing 图像和多维信号处理
Image Processing & Understanding 图像处理与理解
Image/Video Processing and Coding 图像/视频处理和编码
PDE for Image Processing 用于图像处理的PDE
Statistic Learning & Pattern Recognition 统计学习与模式识别
Video compression & Streaming 视频压缩和流
Watermarking and Information Hiding 水印和信息隐藏
Computer Vision & Virtual Reality 计算机视觉与虚拟现实
Object Detection and Categorization 对象检测和分类
Image & Video Processing 图像和视频处理
Detection, Recognition, and Classification 检测,识别和分类
Object Recognition 物体识别
Image & Video Storage, Retrieval, and Authentication 图像和视频存储,检索和身份验证
Image Acquisition 图像采集
Image and Video Retrieval 图像和视频检索
Image Coding and Compression 图像编码和压缩
Face Recognition 人脸识别
Image Segmentation 图像分割
Image-Based Rendering 基于图像的渲染
3-D and Surface Reconstruction 3-D和表面重建
Biomedical and Biological Image Processing 生物医学和生物图像处理
Biometrics, Forensics, and Security 生物识别,取证和安全

Track 3: Communication and signal system 通信与信号系统
Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks 临时和传感器网络
Communication and Broadband Networks 通信与宽带网络
Communication Signal processing 通讯信号处理
Cryptography and Network Security 密码学与网络安全
DSP Implementations and Embedded Systems DSP实现和嵌入式系统
Internet Signal Processing 互联网信号处理
Machine Learning for Signal Processing 信号处理的机器学习
Modulation and Channel Coding 调制和信道编码
Multimedia & Human-computer Interaction 多媒体与人机交互
Multimedia Communications 多媒体通讯
Multimedia Signal Processing 多媒体信号处理
Next Generation Mobile Communications 下一代移动通信
Nonlinear Signal Processing 非线性信号处理
Optical Communications 光通讯
Parallel and Distributed Processing 并行和分布式处理
RF and Wireless Communications 射频和无线通信
Sensor Array and Multi-channel Processing 传感器阵列和多通道处理
Signal Processing and Communications Education 信号处理与通讯教育
Soft Computing and Machine learning for Signal Processing and Communications 用于信号处理和通信的软计算和机器学习
SP for Internet and Wireless Communications Internet和无线通信的SP
SP for Sensor Networks 传感器网络SP
Spectrum Estimation & Modeling 频谱估计与建模